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Big Balls imageYou take pride in the way your yard looks, ensuring that the grass is green, the weeds are taken care of and the edges are neat. But doing all the work can be backbreaking!

The Big Balls® allows you to trim your lawn without suffering the excruciating back pain that often results from using string trimmers! They adjust to your height so you can stand straight. The Big Balls® ease vibration, support the weight of the trimmer, and reduce fatigue.

The revolutionary Big Balls® work by gliding over ground surfaces. The cutting height can be adjusted, so you never have to worry about scalping your lawn again. It reduces the snagging and jerking caused from strings catching roots/fences.

This lightweight attachment allows you to easily control the trimmer for professional results. Made from durable nylon, the Big Balls® is brightly colored for safety. It is easy to use, attach, adjust and clean.

Big Balls ShirtThe optional padded shoulder slide gives you added comfort, even one handed control, when trimming where lawn mowers can’t go.

Also: Optional “Got Balls?” Assorted Colors T-Shirt will make you a star! ($10.00 - Large)

Retailer's Choice Award 2011No mower? No Problem! The Big Balls® are so simple and convenient to use, you can actually mow your entire yard with just your trimmer.

Starting your trimmer is a breeze with the Big Balls®. Your trimmer head is safely off the ground when you start it!

The Big Balls® can also be used to trim a groove down the edge of driveways. (Turn your trimmer head 90° clockwise for edging.)

The Big Balls®: the American must have for the serious gardener, the man who has everything, or the woman who wishes she did.

(Intended use with straight shaft string trimmers.)

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